Mind Is Principle Over Every Area Of Life

Published: 06th February 2008
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In everything we do, it is not the actual physical actions themselves that create the results, but it is the mindset we have while doing it. The physical actions themselves are a means by which we channel the energy of intent into physical manifestation. It is the energy of intent we do things with that determines the outcome we get. This is the secret that explains why different people can do the same exact things but get very different results. In truth, Mind is Principle over everything in life that we engage in.

A person may go to the gym and work out to build muscles. But it is not the actual physical working out itself that creates the strengthening and enlargement of muscles. It is the intent to build muscles along with the belief that working out physically will build it that makes it happen. If a person believes that his muscles grow easily and effortlessly, he can take less time and working out than others to build his muscles. If he believes that his muscles can't seem to grow, his efforts will produce little results.

The same principle operates in the area of eating to be healthy. If you believe that eating certain things will cause you to be healthy, then you will experience health with those food. If you believe that eating certain things will cause you to be unhealthy or even fall sick, then that is what you will experience when eating those food. For those who believe that they will be healthy no matter what, then eating more so called healthy food or less healthy food will not make much difference to them in their well being.

People who eat food believing that they will get fat are the ones that do. Whereas the ones who think they just won't get fat no matter what they eat, they stay slim always. Fat people who have fat beliefs can try and work out all they want to burn away the fats, but they keep gaining it back again. Slim people who have slim beliefs just seem to be blessed with a body that stay in shape without much difficulty or any effort at all. Why chase the world on the outside when you can have it all by the kingdom within?

No matter what food we eat, it is still fundamentally made up of pure energy. It is not what we eat, but what our body absorbs and converts that determines what the food does for us. Our beliefs and state of consciousness will determine what our body absorbs from the food that we eat. A person with healthy beliefs will be strong and lively from eating simple food whereas a person with unhealthy beliefs will be weak and lifeless from eating rich food. True health is of the mind and not of diet, exercise or drugs.

The Mind is Principle even over the effects of poisons and toxins upon the body. There are people who suffer deadly bites from venomous snakes or ingest poisoned food into their bodies, but no harm comes to them. That is because, the effect of poison upon your body depends on your belief in it. If you believe in death or ill effect, then you will experience it. If you believe in none of these, they won't happen. Such is the power of being able to take up serpents or drink deadly things and not being hurt by them.

When you have a stomach ache, your stomach is merely reacting to bad food combination. You don't have to accept it because you can direct you stomach to deal with it powerfully. It is the same thing as overcoming laziness. You can either let your natural inclinations to take over, or you can take control and direct them. Simply instruct your subconscious mind to quell the stomach ache and digest the food without problems and it will. People experience this when they find their stomach ache has passed.

The same principle functions in the area of ageing. People of the world believe that as you get older, lines and wrinkles will appear and hair will fall out. That is so untrue. If you do not believe in any of that, you won't experience ageing like the rest of the world do. In fact, you will remain looking young and when you reach the older ages, you will not look anything like your age at all. This is the true secret to the fountain of youth that everyone is looking for. Youth is not something outside but it is within yourself.

Anyone can attain the perfect body without working out, using special equipment or undergoing pointless dieting. The only workout you need is of your mind. Because it is your consciousness that creates your reality including your bodily aspect in it. When you have a consciousness of an imperfect body, health and physical functions, that is what you create. But when you have a consciousness of a perfect body, health and total physical wellness, that is what you create. The best way is the most simplified.

Our subconscious mind has total control over our body at all levels. It is the subconscious mind that maintains our vital functions, breathing, heart beat, blood flow, bodily defenses and everything else at all levels. The subconscious mind responds to our every conscious thought, and therefore what you think and believe are instructions for your well being. The subconscious mind can also be referred to as our heart. Therefore, guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life and well being.

Think only healthy thoughts and perfection of your physical being at all times. If you see others sneezing or being ill in any way, do not think that you will become sick like them. Believe that your reality is healthy no matter what others are like and be thankful for your perfect health. Never be influenced by those around you. You can influence the physical state of others by your consciousness towards them. Think strong and loving thoughts towards those who are sick and you will cause them to recover faster.


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