Secret To Knowing Everything In All Of Reality

Published: 19th October 2007
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It is an illusion that we can only know certain things that God has revealed to us, but what is kept hidden we may not know. The truth is that we can know everything there is to know about the whole universe. All knowledge is mental and we can access any part of it with the mind. It is only the limits of our beliefs that govern what knowledge we may or may not have access to. When you think God is stopping you, you can go ahead and wrest that knowledge from God. You will know that he makes it available.

The secret of genius lies in using the principle of correspondence to understand all things. By understanding that which is below, you are able to comprehend that which is above, and vice versa. You're able to know all of reality without going to every place. You can know the whole world without stepping out of the door. The world's within you. Everything you see on the outside is a reflection of what is on the inside. There is nothing that's outside your range of perception. You can observe what is there from here.

Reality is holographic in nature. The part contains the image of the whole. What you find in one area is replicated in every other area. Truth is omnipresent. What is true in one place must be true in every place. Reality has many levels. Subjective truth changes from one level to the next. What is subjectively true on one level becomes very different on another level. The set of rules that govern one level can be replaced by an entirely new one on a higher level. But objective truth stays the same on every level.

The higher level governs the lower level, therefore what is found on a higher level may not necessarily be found in its complete form on a lower level. But because of correspondence, the lower level must contain some part or some form of that which is on the higher level. If it cannot be found then it must be false. There is a representation of something that exist on a higher level in a lower one. When there's a match between the experience of one area of reality with another, then there is truth.

This is where the principle of polarity comes into play where all truth is half truth, because both the inner and the outer world form the whole picture. When you see only what's on the inside or what's on the outside, you are seeing only half the picture. The inside is the intention and the outside is the manifestation. You can look at one to understand the other but they must match if you are seeing rightly. You arrive at truth when your idea of both the higher level and the lower level harmonize with each other.

Everything is connected to everything else. Nothing stands alone. By looking into the essence of a thing and flowing with its connection to another thing and another, you are able to travel the whole universe and back to the original thing. By knowing a thing, you are able to know everything else that is connected to it. You are also able to know a thing by knowing everything else that is connected to it. You are a reflection of the entire universe and everything else in the universe reflects a certain part of you.

The ultimate nature of reality is mental. We can know everything through reason because everything is made up by it. Reality is consciousness therefore we perceive all things through reason. With the power of reason, you can travel to all levels and dimensions of reality and understand everything there is in each of them. Reason is how you are able to go everywhere from here. All things are made by reason or logos, and when you realize that reason is unlimited, your ability to perceive becomes unlimited.

There is only one consciousness that makes up the entire universe, and this consciousness is all knowing. Therefore knowledge is universal. No one knows a thing except through the universal mind. If you know something, others can know it to. If others know something, you can know it too. Nothing is limited from your awareness and you cannot limit anything from other people's awareness. Genius is omniscience flowing into man. All can tap into the universal mind and gain any kind of knowledge required.

We can know by revelation and not be limited by experience. Some people limit themselves from knowing a thing by claiming that they must experience it first. But there is knowledge of things above that is inspired from above. Those that allow themselves to learn about these things through revelation can know far more than those who limit themselves to experience. Blessed are those who have not seen but yet believe. Because their minds are able to comprehend things purely through reason and logic.

Some people are chosen by the universe for direct experience so that they can share it with others. The three blind man each experience a portion of the elephant. They can gain a fuller perspective of what the elephant is by combining their perspectives. Error is what happens when we stick to our own partial viewpoint without merging it with the viewpoints of others. We are all meant to learn from one another. Awareness is to be shared. Each of us is created to help everyone else see everything together.

When you travel along the connections of a thing, follow it until you find the core. All things lead to the core and therefore the core is all you need because it connects with everything else. The core is the purest structure within all structures. It is essence structure. The best structure is the structure that integrates and simplifies everything. It is the most ordered and clearest organization of things. The complete knowledge of the universe is the integration of all truth, and this is how you can truly know everything.


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