You Are the Presence And The Power Of The Creator

Published: 14th November 2007
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There are people who go through life without realizing the answers to the most important questions about what their existence in this world is all about. In order to really live a conscious and meaningful life, you need to know the secret of what life is about. You want to know the three most important things which are the answers to what is the meaning of life, what you are here for and who you really are. Because when you know these, everything opens up for you and the world becomes yours for the taking.

The meaning of life is that life is for you to fulfill your purpose and to experience who you really are. You can achieve anything you truly desire. You were created with a dream. No one exist without a dream. Your dream is your purpose. You are here to fulfill your purpose by following your heart and achieving your dream. What makes you truly happy is not all the external things such as money, material things, fame and acclamation. What makes you truly happy is doing what brings you joy and fulfillment.

You originally exist in a higher plane of spirit where you are everything, can do anything and have everything. In that dimension, you can create anything you want simply by thinking it into existence. You created this physical dimension to live life in a world of limitation and to transcend it by connecting with the unlimited power that comes from the higher plane where you exist in. You now exist simultaneously in two dimensions although you might not be aware of this state of being in the physical dimension.

Who you really are is the presence and the power of the creator. You as God created a smaller you to live out your purpose in this lower plane of existence. You created a chessboard with chess pieces. Each of the chess pieces are a smaller version of you, and you as God are controlling the smaller human you on the chess board. All that exist is one consciousness and therefore you are not separated from your God self or higher consciousness. The whole universe is your entire self and you are a part of it.

The reason why you forgotten who you really are and where you came from when you are born on Earth is because you chose to. This is the way you can go through life rediscovering who you really are and what you are here to do. You may have caused yourself to forget everything but still made a way for you to know what you are here for. The way by which you are led by the directions of your higher self is through your heart. Spirit talks to you from within therefore you are never lost if you listen to your heart.

You programmed your purpose within you which already existed in your heart when you were born. Your heart's desire is how you know where you are directed to move towards for the fulfillment of what you came here to do. Everyone of us is created for a purpose which is directed by our heart's desire. That is why we do not all desire to do the same things or have the same things. Your heart's desire is uniquely yours. That is why you can only be happy by following the desire that is placed in your heart.

Everything that seems to be stopping you and making it seem that you cannot achieve your dream is only an illusion. Life is a test created by you to see if you would have the faith to follow your heart all the way. It is a test to see if you would believe in yourself, in the essence within, which is who you really are as the power and presence of God. You never need to figure out a way because the directions and ideas will arise naturally when you need them. All you have to do is to watch for them and follow them.

Some people live a life where they had given up on their dreams and desires thinking they could never achieve them. They end up living a miserable life and die unfulfilled. Those who chose to follow their dreams all the way and achieve them end up in a place of happiness, satisfaction and completeness. This is the joyful experience we are all meant to have and the state we were supposed to arrive at when we chose to go through the experience of life in this dimension. It's one of the ways to enjoy existence.

You as God also created the resources and possibilities that will show up along the way if you as your human self in this dimension would follow your heart and move in the direction of your dreams. You will find whatever you really need will show up at the right time always. What seems to be impossible becomes possible. You might not know the how but all you need is to know the truth and to keep acting from it. The most important thing is to find your calling and follow it, and everything else goes with it.

If you were to die right now, you would return to the higher dimension you truly exist in where you are everything, can do anything and have everything. You would realize what your life on earth was about and would laugh about the whole matter. If you had given up on following your heart and realizing your dreams, you would know it doesn't matter now because it was just for fun. But if you had followed your heart and lived the life you truly desired, you would feel how fun it was and be glad with the experience. Those who realize this truth and this secret of life now, have awaken and are now living as conscious beings. They are living a life of transcendence and operating at a plane above everyone else in the world, because they know who they really are and what this whole thing about life is all about. They possess the awareness of angels and higher dimensional beings and living life with an enlightened state of mind. We are all here to express who we really are, and that's the most beautiful thing we can do.


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